Working On Your Winter Body

“I’m working on my winter body, lol”“It’s bulking season, haha”… That’s what we normally say as we laugh and stuff our faces from from October 31st – Jan 1st.

But, of course. We know better. Whether we are intentionally bulking, or cutting, or maintaining, we know which foods to eat in order to perform well at the gym and look the way we want.

We use the “holiday season” as an excuse to eat poorly and we pay for it in late spring when it’s time to wear shorts again.

But we already know that caring about our health, longevity, performance, aesthetics needs to be a YEAR ROUND thing.

Here’s what I propose:

How about this year, when things get tough, you lean into that uphill battle and BUILD YOUR BEST BODY despite the dreaded lunch break room baked goods, countless attempts by other people to pull you off track, holiday parties, and family gatherings.

Today begins your journey to build your WINTER BODY, which will naturally turn into your Spring body (remember Spring? The time of year where everyone is pasty and fluffy and afraid to transition back into shorts and tank tops?) and will give you a head start on looking good for the summer.

BONUS! You will look good in (and out of) all of your clothes…all…year…round!


  1. THROW OUT the Halloween candy. Halloween is over. If your kids “need” their candy, then at least be an adult and stop stealing it from them!
  2. RAID your cabinets. This is where most of the non-perishable “non-foods” hide. Non-foods are edible things that are make in a factory and are marketed as food. Non-food edible items include any/all baked goods, any/all boxes crackers, pretzels, cereals, etc. DONATE these to a local Food Bank ASAP. The only foods left in your pantry should be dried fruits, nuts, meats, tuna fish, and canned vegetables.
  3. STOCK your fridge. Fill it with only vegetables, meats, fish, eggs. Add in some rice or potatoes as needed.
  4. COOK all of it once a week, if you are short on time during the week. The internet has all the recipes! (HINT: If you set up the AllRecipes app on your Alexa, you can tell Alexa the ingredients you have, and it will tell you recipes to try).
  5. PLAN OUT meals into 3-4 portions per day. Stock up on cheap To-Go containers for this.
  6. JUST SAY NO to any/all offerings or temptations for sweets or non-food edible items at work or anytime you leave the house. Keep carrots and nut butter at work to quell cravings.
  7. WEEKENDS: Plan ahead. There will inevitably be holiday parties, so HAVE FUN. And if you eat badly or drink too much, just get back into the rhythm of cooking and eating good foods the next day.



-Alcohol is a poison that stalls fat loss in particular. If you choose to drink, save it for the parties. Be extra strict during the week to help jumpstart fat loss.

-ADD, don’t TAKE AWAY. Make your goal to ADD as MUCH nutrition as you can, into each meal. Don’t deprive yourself – give yourself MORE. More vegetables, more meals (4 smaller meals, rather than 2 or 3 big ones), more post-workout protein, and more water in between meals.  Add more clean eating to your life, so you avoid snacking in between meals. Keep in mind that real food (meat,fish,veggies) has a lot less calories than fake food, so you might be eating bigger portions that you are used to. And that’s OK.

-You don’t have to do this for anyone but yourself. Don’t worry that no one can see your body as you lose weight or gain muscle and then cover it up with a big sweater.

-But if you need external motivation…Get naked! Or, rather, close to it. Take a picture in your undies or a bathing suit now and keep it on your phone as a reminder. If you don’t love the way you look, make your goal to change that picture (without using photoshop!). Take another picture every 3-4 weeks until the summer to make sure you Winter Bod is moving in the right direction

-Grab a buddy. If you are the type to cheat on your plan, or conveniently ‘leave out’ snacks when you put them into MyFitnessPal, then make sure you have a close friend or family member help keep you accountable. Only choose someone who is on your team, who will support you no matter what, and who genuinely wants to see you succeed. They are your Winter Body Buddy. Use them as needed 🙂


GOOD LUCK on making this winter the BEST one yet!

Need more specific info on what to eat? Ask a coach!

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