Beth Walker

CrossFit Level 2 USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Beth is a Level 1 certified CrossFit Trainer. A former competitive swimmer, Beth spent years trying to motivate herself to work out and spent many hours in aerobics classes and on the treadmill. It wasn’t until starting CrossFit in 2008 that she discovered something that would motivate her to get to the gym four days a week. “I love the camaraderie, the competitiveness, and the community found in CrossFit boxes. CrossFit inspires confidence in people, helping them achieve goals in fitness they never thought possible.”

Beth loves seeing new people come into the gym and improve their strength with every WOD. “It is great to work out somewhere where people greet you when you come in the door, know your name, and will ask you where you are if you have missed a few days!”