blue lightning bolt CrossFit Classes

These are one hour coached classes. Each class includes a group warm up, strength work, and a conditioning workout. We structure the strength work to give you a balanced program throughout the year, and our conditioning workouts change every day to give your body and brain some variety. The conditioning workouts vary in length from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, in complexity, and in intensity. Some workouts challenge your cardiovascular system, while others are more power and speed based, and other days include more complex skills. The point is to show up, learn new things, and push your body harder than if you were alone in a gym, left to come up with your own workout.

To see all our past workouts, check them out here! Keep in mind that the workouts and modifications for each workout are explained in class by the coach.

blue lightning bolt Aspire Fit

Aspire Fit is a group fitness program for women that is designed to burn fat, change bodies and increase overall fitness levels. All workouts are cardio-based, and may include light weights and some running.

check it out here!

blue lightning bolt Open Gym

We offer open gym hours every week for athletes who want to use the gym to work on skills or movements on their own, or who want to make up a workout they missed the week prior. Current Open Gym hours are: Tuesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm, Wednesdays 1-4pm, Fridays 1-4pm, and Sundays 9am-12pm. Open Gym is open to all “Unlimited” membership level athletes.

blue lightning bolt Run Club

This is our weekly running and endurance based class. The workouts vary and the runs are usually shorter intervals mixed with other movements (as opposed to long, slow distances) and usually last about 35-50minutes. Run Club meets at 9am on Sundays at the gym.

blue lightning bolt Individualized Programming & Personal Training

These options are optimal for new members who aren’t yet ready for the class environment, advanced athletes who are looking to improve their weaknesses and accelerate their improvements, and injured/athletes with special physical needs. These come at a premium cost that is based upon the needs of the athlete and frequency of workouts.

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