PROGRAMMING UPDATE! Weekly Focused Extra Work

It is impossible to work on every skill, every lift, every week, and fit all of that into 3-6, hour long workouts a week. This is fine, and you can get stronger, fitter, faster, and better looking by just taking regular CrossFit classes. But for those of us that want a little extra work, to get even fitter, stronger, skillful, and better looking, we are now providing weekly extra credit work.

Starting THIS week, we will be posting 3-5 things on the WOD Blog, and on the WHITEBOARD closest to the front doors. These things will usually fall under the categories of Barbell, Low-Intensity WOD, Endurance, Core/Abs, and Gymnastics / Skills.



These options are for those people who are looking to get MORE out of their time in the gym, AND /OR are also for those who need a break from the intensity of CrossFit on one given day, but still want to come in and do something. These options are posted WEEKLY and are meant to be incorporate into your workouts ( or instead of the WOD, if you need a deload) throughout the week, as you see fit.


Here are some examples of how you might incorporate these into your training:

  1. Barbell. If you are someone who wants to do MORE lifting in CrossFit, you can choose to come in early to any class, warm up on your own, and do this lift as the class does their warm up. Then you’d hop into the class when they start their strength. This will typically be a lift that we aren’t doing that week in class.
  2. Endurance. This section is for those who want to increase their aerobic capacity. Again, you can come in early to warm up and do this during the class warm up, you can stay later after the metcon to get this done.
  3. Low Intensity WOD. This is ideal for Unlimited Members who come almost every day, and sometimes need/want a lower intensity day or a focused “active rest day”. This workout can be done DURING class, as long as you aren’t interrupting class. It’s an alternative to a rest day, and should leave you feeling like you got a good sweat in, but you won’t be sore for days after it.
  4. Core/Abs. This is for EVERYONE. We could all use more core stability and strength. Find an extra 5-10 minutes each week to do this work after your metcon.
  5. Gymnastics / Skill. Higher skill movements. like Handstand Push-ups, Pistols, and Muscle-ups. And scaled down versions for those of us that are still working towards those skills.

Again, these are posted weekly, not daily. And they are meant to be done in addition to your regular WODs for the most part.



–          Don’t disrupt class. If you are dropping a barbell or going crazy on the Assault Bike or rower, do it nextdoor or outside.

–          Warm up properly before you work out. If you are coming in early, make sure you warm up properly before doing this work, as you will be doing it and then hopping right into strength & metcon with class.

–          This work needs to be done during business hours only. Please try to fit this into the 15 min before or after class is done, if there are no other classes going on before or after this class.

This is a trial to see if people are willing to work on their weaknesses or to practice the things they enjoy. If it goes well for you, or if you want something a little different, please give us feedback and feel free to suggest additional ways in which we can make your workout experience even better in the future.


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Rookie Rumble Spring 2018 at CrossFit Aspire

Rookie Rumble Spring 2018 is here!

Sun, April 8, 2018
9am – 3pm

Get your tickets HERE today!

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I’m the Type of Person Who…

The following blog is derived from one part of Ben Bergeron’s thoughts and words from The Chasing Excellence Podcast, specifically episode #21 regarding his WHOOPIE acronym for goal setting. Listen to that podcast, if you can!

We all have goals to be better in the future, in some way, than we are right now. It’s that desire for self-improvement that brought us all to this gym in the first place.

The fact that we haven’t achieved some of those goals might mean there is something that’s holding us back.

For some of us, more often than we’d like to admit, it’s US that holds us back. We practice the bad habit of self-sabotaging in an effort to stay within the bubble of ‘comfort’ when facing goals that will require us to pass through a ‘decidedly uncomfortable’ part on the way to the goal. So, at the first sign of progress, we STOP because we can forsee the uncomfortable part coming up. It flashes like  “DANGER” sign in front of us and blinds us in our pursuit of the end goal. When in reality, if we just looked past that part, we’d see our goal on the other end.

For others, it’s a matter of priorities. We intentionally place other things in our life ahead of our goal. And we leave it there. Some call it “excuses” (“I have no time!”), but I prefer to label is something more positive. So I say that we prioritize our time in a way that doesn’t allow for us to work on our goals. We intentionally set up our lives to make it difficult to fit the goal in.

One simple way to make significant progress without disruption, is to flip the dialogue and tell ourselves, AND OTHERS, and tell ourselves “I’m the type of person who…” and then finish that sentence that with a habit that will push you closer to your goal.

For example,

“I’m the type of person who gets up early in the morning and goes for a walk/jog/run, every morning. I like to get it out of the way early to free up more time later in the day.”

“I’m the type of person who only eats at mealtime, and doesn’t snack. I’m losing weight”

“I’m the type of person who uses 15min per day to work on my pull up drills. I have a doorframe pull up bar at home so I don’t have excuses on non-gym days.”

“I’m the type of person who gets in bed before 10pm every night. I get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.”

As corny as it might seem, when you SAY you do something, you begin to convince yourself of that fact, and your habits change.

The accountability of saying this to other people, is a huge motivator for making change too. You wouldn’t tell your friends that you don’t snack, but then show up to every gathering with a plate of cookies. You wouldn’t just stand in the front of the gym talking to people before or after class if you told your coach that you are the type of person who will work on your skills and drills to finally get you that pull up.


I challenge you to choose a goal. And then make it a point to say “I’m the type of person who…” or a similar sentence, when talking to the important people in your life. And watch how your habits follow suit.

And, watch out for those false “DANGER” signs. Your body and brain don’t want to be uncomfortable. But in order to be healthy in the long term, you’ll need to push them past the pain in order to see the light.

Enjoy your progress and new habits!


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