IMPROVE: You have to go THROUGH, not AROUND

This is a quick reminder that the quickest way to become better is to go THROUGH, NOT AROUND.

What does this mean for you?

On a daily basis, we are faced with our weaknesses. Inside, and outside of the gym. Maybe it’s your relationship with food, or the way you treat the people in your life, or your gymnastics skills, or your strength. Your weaknesses can be, or feel, as big as mountains or as insignificant as a grain of sand. But one thing remains true – you won’t become a better person if you ignore them and only do what you are already good at.

To make instant improvements, starting today, do the following:

1.Acknowledge your weaknesses. Write them down or keep them in the Notes section of your phone for only you to see.

2.Realize that YOU are NOT your weakness. You are not fat; you ‘have’ fat that you can get rid of. You are not weak; you haven’t trained with weights enough yet to be strong. You are not slow; you haven’t yet been able to tap into your energy reserves to kick it into that ‘next gear. You aren’t mean to others; you haven’t taken the time to see their perspective. And it goes on.

The point is that your weaknesses are just simply future strengths that you haven’t yet put the time in to improve upon.

3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’ve written about this before, and it will always stand true. You need to become familiar with how it feels to grow. It hurts, hence the phrase “growing pains”. The reason that sometimes the 2nd round of a workout isn’t quite as bad as the first, is that your body knows what to expect. It knows how that discomfort feels, and it becomes more familiar.

4. Take ONE step today, and another tomorrow. One step at a time THROUGH your problem, not politely tiptoeing around it. Straight. Through. It. It’s ok to get frustrated along the way, to cry out, to get mad, to have setbacks. But if you never stop taking steps, no matter how small, you’ll never realize your full potential.

So, don’t lose 20 lbs. Lose 1 lb. And then another. And then ½ pound, etc.

Don’t try to run a 1:15 400m tomorrow. Try to take off 2 seconds from your 400m pace by doing intervals and testing every two weeks. Take 2 seconds off each time you test.

Don’t try to squat double your body weight. Instead, add in one more day of squats per week (5 sets of 5, and go up in weight by 2.5lbs – 5lbs total each week)



Write down some of your weaknesses and BE HONEST. Release yourself from the grip of your weakness. It’s just an untapped strength. Get comfortable with the fact that it won’t feel good to grow.  Grow slowly. Gradually, you’ll see that it’s not so bad.


In order to do that, you have to go THROUGH and not AROUND. And it’s ok to get upset along the way. It’s all part of the process.


Good luck becoming the BEST version of YOU!

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