“Did that count? I didn’t do the right movement…”

Getting to do the same workouts as the “Fittest on Earth” is one of the primary reasons CrossFit has skyrocketed in popularity from being an underground ‘fight club’ workout scene, to a family-friendly fitness regimen.
Men, women, teens and older athletes are moving their bodies in the same ways to get fitter. Complete beginners can work out right next to experienced CrossFit veterans, and they all get something out of it.

When does that model become ineffective? When athletes of varying abilities, strengths, size and age assume that they SHOULD be doing the same exact workouts and the same intensity level (ie: using the “rx weights”) as the elite level athletes. And that anything less is a cop out. A failure. Or not the “real workout”.

And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The true CrossFit model for a metcon is a workout that, when adjusted properly for every member, allows the entire class to finish within seconds of one another. This only happens when the movements are adjusted to match the abilities of each athlete, individually.

The “right” movements are the ones that are right FOR YOU. Not the ones that are right for that person in class who you always try to beat. Not for the person who has been doing CrossFit for 5 years longer than you.

The “right” movement for you is the one that:
– Is appropriate for your training level
– Is a weight that you can handle with good form, consistently
– Is a difficulty level that is manageable, but is pushing you toward the next level
– Does not cause pain
– Moves the right body parts in the right sequence to get the intended effect

The reason we only list 1 or 2 versions of the workout on the whiteboard, is it impossible to list every possible variation and scaling option. So we leave it up to and your coach to discuss and figure out YOUR best modifications, making the workout the most effective for YOU.

For some, it might be adding a weight vest to a run. For others, it might be performing Ring Rows instead of Pull-ups, or Hang Power Snatches instead of Squat Snatches.

The next time you look at a workout, think to yourself or ask your coach, “How can I make this workout get ME the best results?”

(And yes, that counted. You did the right movement. For you.)

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